Swiss Legend Watches

There are so many watch brands on the market, with such varied prices for seemingly very similar looking timepieces, that shopping for a quality watch can be a headache to those who don't know a little about watches - especially the manufacturing process and the types and quality of internal movements. The situation isn't helped by the fact that new watch brands are emerging all the time. If you have found this little corner of the Internet then there I can safely assume that you are currently shopping for a watch, have found product listings for Swiss Legend watches online, and would like to know whether they are any good, whether they are worth the prices being asked, and anything else that you may be able to gleam about the brand and their history. To cut a very long story short, I am about to justify why a Swiss Legend timepiece is not worth the amount that you are being asked to pay, and certainly nowhere near the 'list prices' or 'RRP' being claimed!

Swiss Legend is what is known in watch circles as a 'Mushroom brand', they pop up to be sold on sites like eBay, Amazon, Ovestock, and QVC or NBC, and designed to give the impression of high quality and luxury at low budget prices. These brands typically go as quickly as they come and there are dozens of them around at the moment. They are typically easy to spot, they will list a watch at a price of $100 and claim that the RRP is something like $595. That is done to create the illusion of great value for money. The problem is that the watch is not worth $595, and often it will have a difficult time justifying a price of $100. These brands will typically have a great looking website which is very thin on content and will not actually tell you anything at all about the brand, and especially not that it was only founded a few years ago and probably won't be around in a few years time. Swiss Legend is perhaps the ultimate 'Mushroom brand'. To be straight to the point, there is nothing 'Legendary' and not much 'Swiss' about them. I would not buy a Swiss Legend watch.

Some mushroom brands actually sell great looking timepieces and very reasonable prices, although they often still use the same RRP trick of telling you that your $100 watch is worth $700 when it is not. A great example of a successful mushroom brand which actually stuck around for the long term is Stuhrling Original who make some tremendously unique and good value for money timepieces which are great as gifting for gifts, their timepieces were awful quality when the company was founded in 1999 but they are fast becoming a legitimate and reputable brand. Swiss Legend does itself no favors as a watch company by using the replica watches for sale word 'Swiss' in their name, when there is very little 'Swiss' about them. In fact, just look at the watch pictured right. It looks like a tacky piece of Chinese made crap, and that is precisely what it is. Swiss Legend claim an RRP of $595 for that watch, and it is currently sold for on Amazon. I think they would have to pay me $125 to wear it.

They use a loophole of being able to claim their movements as Swiss made by having the components produced in China and sent together with pre-assembled cases and straps to be put together in Switzerland. In other words, the vast majority of the work is undertaken in China. So you are not getting a Swiss watch, only being duped into believing that your watch is Swiss. I have heard from other keen watch collectors that it has been known to find high quality ETA movements in Swiss Legend timepieces, but I've opened up five or six now myself and I've never found anything other than the very cheapest low quality Chinese movements. How much would I pay for a Swiss Legend timepiece? Personally, Panerai Radiomir I wouldn't pay anymore than $30, certainly nowhere near the $100+ often being asked for low quality standard quartz Chinese movements. When spending nearer to $100 on a timepiece I'd look towards some of the better quality mushroom brands, or indeed to long established brands such as those featured in my article dedicated to the best watches for men under $100, or if your budget is very small then any of the watches featured in my article best watches for men under $50.

In fairness to the brand, many customers on sites like Amazon seem to be happy with their purchase and some watches have better reviews than others, but many of the positive reviewers seem convinced that they have purchased a $595 or $695 watch for $120 or similar. Unfortunately those people will look a bit stupid if they go around and start showing off their luxury timepiece to somebody who knows what a watch of that cost should look like. Many of the negative reviews are from people who have realized that their timepiece really isn't great quality, others have had malfunctions after a short period of time (although all Swiss Legend timepieces are entitled to be registered for a manufacturers warranty).

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